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Isolation Inspiration

Presently Puppets

A weekly zine produced during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown,

Presently Puppets explores different aspects of puppetry, theatre and spectacle art through clickable icons. Click the icons to view each issue!

Shadowland Theatre

From the first outdoor show on Toronto Island to the present.​

The Lion King

In front of and behind the scenes of the hit stage show's extraordinary puppets and performers

Giant Puppets

Large scale puppets from around the world, powered by machine and man. 


Flipping, twisting, twirling wonders from around the world.

Stilt Walking

Incredible moves from French shepherds to Moko Jumbies including stilt fights, dances and races!

Shadow Puppetry

History, techniques and shadow show story-telling. 

Tabletop Puppetry

Small scale puppetry, 3D tabletop puppets and toy theatres. 


Rube Goldberg machines to build in your own home!


History of string puppets and how to build your own simple marionette. 

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