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Current Projects

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light and shadow workshop

Inspired by our video game, we're working with Access Point on Jane bringing arts and wellness activities to their Newcomer Youth group.


We even developed a unique version of the game Snakes and Ladders, identifying SNAKES: moments of shadows and LADDERS: moments of light in our lives. Each participant created game pieces and together we played on our giant community built board game! Special thanks to the youth for engaging so positively with this activity and Access Alliance facilitators for all their support.

Light & Shadow


Shadowland’s first video game is available on Steam and Created in collaboration with the brilliant team at Flawed Designs, Light & Shadow is a free, platformer game in a shadow puppetry style designed for young people vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Our character, Po (you!), sets off to follow a shooting star hoping to bring its light into their life. It is a journey of trial and achievement in a shadowy world. 

Finding your way isn't always easy, keep going!

Shadowland artists and game developers worked with mental health professionals and a youth advisory to bring this idea to life.

Coming this Fall we will be running arts and wellness workshops, based on the game, for youth programs. Contact us if you would like details on this workshop series for your group.


A nice platformer with cute animations (loved the puppet-like aspect) that is actually about mental health...

Give it a go.

An amazing soundtrack that you want to listen to endlessly. A game about the blues and finding a goal is cool. I strongly recommend.

You’ll play as a shadow puppet in a world void of color. Well, except for the musical notes scattered throughout the world guiding you through your journey.

 The game itself is a fun play and a good experience. all for FREE... i love to see the shadow play style its so cool and man the cutscenes are so nice. recommend it a lot.

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