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Amal - Central Park NYC - (c) The Walk Productions (c) Respective Collective -

Join us June 9 at 3:15 pm
Scents of Home
Walk with Amal in Thorncliffe Park

Amal is a 12’ high puppet of a ten-year-old Syrian refugee girl who is travelling the world in search of home and family, bringing awareness of the plight of those who have fled their homes across the globe.


Shadowland’s Scents of Home is created in partnership with the Thorncliffe Park community. Amal will be greeted at the Thorncliffe Park library where a familiar memory of her Syrian home is sparked by an image of the world’s most fragrant rose – the Damask Rose.


Led by a host of birds and butterflies, Amal goes on a journey through the community to find the elusive scent of her homeland, encountering other wonderful smells and characters along the way.


Join us on June 9 starting at the Library at 3.15 pm and be a part of our spectacular welcome!

'Walk With Amal Toronto' is produced by The Walk Productions and Luminato Festival Toronto

in association with Handspring Puppet Company. Photo by Respective Collective.

Would you like to make your own beautiful butterfly puppet to bring on Amal's journey?

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Help us welcome amal!
UPCOMING WORKSHOPS in thorncliffe park

Friday, May 26 at 3:30 at RV Burgess Park


Thursday, June 1 at 3:30 at Thorncliffe Public Library


Friday, June 2 at 3:30 at RV Burgess Park


Saturday, June 3 from 1-5 pm at East York Town Centre

These workshops are in collaboration with the Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee,

Toronto Public Library and the East York Town Centre.

Light & Shadow


Shadowland’s first video game is available on Steam and Created in collaboration with the brilliant team at Flawed Designs, Light & Shadow is a free, platformer game in a shadow puppetry style designed for young people vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Our character, Po (you!), sets off to follow a shooting star hoping to bring its light into their life. It is a journey of trial and achievement in a shadowy world.

Shadowland artists and game developers worked with mental health professionals and a youth advisory to bring this idea to life.

Finding your way isn't always easy, keep going!

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