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Dearly Departed

Are you mourning loved ones – people or pets, something of sentimental value, or of times gone by? Do you bemoan the passing of the rotary phone, the slide rule, the LP, an Island tree, or the incandescent bulb? Did you lose a love, an idea, or just your glasses?

We invite you to contribute to our Fire Parade/Gala outdoor art exhibition on the Sixth Street Green!

Create a Memorial Art Object as an homage to your Dear and Departed.

We welcome all art forms and styles suitable for the outdoors and easily installed in our lakeside exhibition.

Shadowland will be at the WIA clubhouse from Monday July 26 – 30 10am to 6pm to assist with your creation and/or make it installation ready.


Covid-19 protocols will apply at the WIA with outdoor work sites, limited numbers indoors, distancing, mask-wearing and contact tracing.


Bring your contributions

to the WIA on or before Friday July 30, by 2pm or earlier (please!)


If you have questions, email or call Anne | 416 898 0946

Home Follies

Home Follies is a pageant style performance that travels through the landscapes of four parks in the GTA. Shadowland’s signature spectacle arts – giant puppetry, stilt-walkers, live music and site animation will be on display in an age-old, and 21st century, story of challenge and adversity, revival and celebration.


With its bold images, physical performance, humour, and live music, Home Follies is suitable for all ages, different language groups and distance viewing.


A prior hour-long workshop, with pre-registered community participants, will teach: drumming with Njacko Backo; ensemble performance with Anne Barber and Lochlan Cox; sound effects with Chris Wilson and Brad Harley; and a tour with Alan Colley on plant medicines and Indigenous teachings.


A post-show period will allow for audiences to take photos with the characters, talk to the artists, and look at the props and costumes.



Fountainhead Park | Friday, August 20th

Rustic Park | Saturday, August 21st

Parma Park | Thursday, September 2nd

Dentonia Park | Friday, September 3rd


4:30 – 6pm | Community Ensemble Rehearsal

7pm | Showtime!

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